HDPE Pipes for Industrial Effluents

HDPE pipes being chemically inert,offer total solution in handling corrosive chemical medium.The piping system can be designed up to 45°C with with operating pressure up to 6 kg/cm² using right grade of raw material for higher life expectancy. Acids/alkalis diluted or concentrated sulphuric acid,phosphoric acid,hydrochloric acid,fluric acid,aromatic acid,caustic soda,conveyance (pH 0 to 14) demands use of HDPE pipelines. Edible oils,juices,pulp,salts,alcohol/beer conveyance piping system are few more applications.VARUNA NEERAVARI PIPES PVT.LTD has executed in plant piping projects on turnkey basis for transportation of above chemicals in petrochemical,fertilizers & other chemical plants.